SHTLTD005 Cave DJz – Horrors

Release date:
15.07.2015 (2 weeks exclusive on Beatport)
29.07.2015 All strores

Feedback Report:

C-System : Awesome tracks
Daniela Haverbeck Aka Rapunzel : Good tracks, thnx!
De Hessejung : Bomb release ! THX
Diarmaid O Meara : Nice one, will be track listing triangles.
DifferentGrooves : Rmx (Original Mix)
Dj Gemma Furbank : Great package!
Dj Ogi : Horrors rocks!
Dorian Gray : Moogify is the one for me, really interesting track, is insane! Thanks!
Frank Savio : Rmx for me, thanks!
Gina Cifre : Crazy Moogify
Hellboy : Good stuff . Hellboy.
Israel Toledo : Rmx is da thing!, great tune, thanx, my fav
Joseph Capriati : Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks.
Kerstin Eden : Need to listen again but will do
L.A.W. : Yes lads!! Such a package!
Naked Pilotz : Good Stuff again from Cave Djz! Looking forward to drop Rmx on our next gig!
Paula Cazenave : Nice, will try, thanx!
Richie Hawtin : Downloaded for r hawtin
The Clairvoyants : Moogify just slightly edges it as our favourite here, full support!
Vegim : Nice tracks. Moogify is my fav here.

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